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THE GOLDEN REVIEW - 07/03/1991

by: Sylvia Donahey

This is the First Annual Futurity Stake to be offered by the Golden Retriever Review. There were 52 litters nominated resulting in 110 puppies being nominated for the event. The final entry consists of 69 puppies. [READ MORE]


by: Anne Shannon

Participation in GRCA activities has been a major part of my life for over 20 years. [READ MORE]

BROOKE - 08/07/1990

by: Golden Retriever Review

Every so often there appears a dog there is more than just an attractive show dog, a diligent worker, or a wonderful companion. There are a few dogs who exude a quality and a presence that sets them apart from the others. [READ MORE]

FROM THE EDITOR - 1990 - 01/19/1990

by: Sylvia Donahey

Our President, Ann Strathern, whose words of wisdom and encouragement usually fill this column is taken a brief respite. [READ MORE]

FROM THE EDITOR - 1989 - 01/16/1989

by: Sylvia Donahey

So much has happened since the last GRNews went to press. The National was spectacular and come off with nary a hitch, hurricane Hugo slammed into the East Coast and devastated Charleston an as yet unnamed earthquake rippled trough the Bay Area in California. [READ MORE]

REFLECTIONS - 1985 - 01/17/1985

by: TOP 10 GOLDENS FOR 1984

Ch. Asterling's Tahiti Sweetie, Sylvia Donahey & Mary Burke, Willis, MI 48191. Ch. Goldrush's Judgment Day ex Am-Can Ch. Amberac's Astering Aruba. [READ MORE]

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