Birnam Wood - Golden Retrievers - USA

We are located in the rolling hills of Sonoma County, California, just a short drive from the Pacific Ocean. It's a great place to share with our Golden Retrievers. People ask what inspired us to use Birnam Wood as a kennel name. We reply that Birnam Wood is named for a forest in Scotland, immortalized by Shakespeare in "Macbeth" by the climactic scene when the woods appeared to march on Dunsinane.

Over the past 40 years we have been fortunate to have owned, produced and shown some of the famous dogs in breed history. We are equally proud of the wonderful family pets we have bred that have enriched their owner's lives. We have made life-long friends in our journey and realize none of this success would have been possible without a commitment to excellence, an enduring enthusiasm for what we do, and a lot of luck.

Bill and I started out in Goldens 12 years apart and divided by half a continent. We had entirely different aspirations as new Golden owners.

I only wanted a family pet. On my mother's wise advice to consider a Golden Retriever, I looked in the local Dayton, Ohio newspaper and found one lone six-month-old puppy. ...